The perfect harmony of sea and thermal resources
The unmatched scenery of
Hayıtlı Cove will fascinate you
Feel yourself at home with
our time share vacation offers
The intersection point of
healthy and comfortable life styles
You will be purified from stress
in the embrace of nature
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*Free of charge for the little kids between the ages 0-6, and discounted for children who are between the ages 6-12. Place your reservation excluding children and specify this preference after completing accommodation options. Our apart villas include a maximum of 5 beds. If you have children at the age of 6-12, please take the bedspace into consideration.

Thermal Swimming Pool

Stay healthy while enjoying the mineral-rich water which is at 96 degrees Celsius in its spring.

Cold Swimming Pool

Enjoy various water sports activities in our cold pool; there is one for you and also one for your children.

Turkish Bath

Discover the beauty of the Turkish Bath with thermal water in Merada Thermal Resort & Health Center.


You will have a great time and get rid of the stress in our Sauna which is also designed for a healthy and refreshed skin.

Mud Bath

Refresh your beauty and get healthier with the impervious soft oily clay. You will strengthen your organism with the miracle of clay.

Massage Room

Feel the peace and relaxation with our various massage styles in Merada Thermal Resort & Health Center.

Salt Room

Salts in the form of micro particles in the room open the blockage in the airways of the respiratory tract and cleanses naturally.


You can make new friends and socialize with our walks in the beauty of nature, this is fun in any time of the year.


In this very point where the blue sky, sea and the amazing nature unite, you and your family will feel absolutely mesmerized.



24 Jun

Türkiye Termal Suları

Termal otelcilik günümüzde, sağlık, Spa ve ılıca turizmiyle birleşti. Son yıllarda Termal suların şifasıyla gelen sağlık turizminde...
Devamını Oku
21 Jun

Tatilde Güneşin Önemi

Her canlının güneşe ihtiyacı olduğu gibi insanların da sağlıklı bir şekilde yaşamak için güneşten faydalanmaları gerekmektedir. Bu...
Devamını Oku
17 Jun

Odalardaki Hijyen

       Dikili otellerinde genellikle oda görevlilerinden oluşur, hizmetleri konuk odaların da olduğu gibi koridor, merdiven,...
Devamını Oku
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