Began to be used in the steppes of Central Asia, high-temperature sauna provides balance of water and toxins in the body via sweating, opens pores and cleanses the skin. Reached from Central Asia to Russia then to the Scandinavian countries, Sauna finally completed its development in Finland. The first public sauna was built in 1936 to the Olympic Village during Berlin Olympics for the reaction of Finnish athletes. The worldwide spread of the sauna culture is based on the athletes from other countries to use the sauna for the first time in Berlin.

The temperature of the sauna that is made ​​of wood is between 90 ° C and 40 ° C, with hot and dry air inside, having room for people to sit or lie comfortably.


Sauna bath can be recommended to anyone without health complaints. Visiting sauna regularly has various advantages such as the following;

  •  Opens pores via perspiration,
  •  Detaches dead cells from the skin, making the appearance smoother and livelier,
  •  Helps you get fitter by burning fats,
  •  Accelerates and regulates the circulatory system,
  •  Increases blood proteins and enables cells to get more oxygen,
  •  Provides positive effects on the nervous system by removing fatigue, stress, sleep disorders and depressive problems,
  •  Cleanses your body of toxins and dead cells through sweating,
  •  Assists treatment of muscle and joint pain,
  •  Accelerates the healing process in infections such as flu and colds,
  •  Contributes greatly to the healing process when visited regularly, especially on diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism and cellulite.

Merada Thermal Resort & Wellness Center Sauna, helps you unwind from the stress of the day and offers rest and relaxation.