Thermal Swimming Pool

Thermal Swimming Pool

Thermal Swimming Pool

The essential element of a spa treatment, thermo-water is a healing source with its temperature and rich minerals. Our thermal health center will help you to get rid of the daily environmental and psychological stress; you will regain your health, fitness, aesthetic and beauty thanks to the healing power of thermal water.

Providing the best sports activities for both you and your children safely, Merada Thermal Resort & Wellness Center is a complete facility full of joy with its sparkling springs, unique sea view, swimming pools, children’s play areas and thermal pools.

The size of our thermal swimming pool is 150 m² and the depth is 140 centimeters. 96 ° C at the spring, the standard pool temperature of our thermal water is between 38 ° C – 42 ° C.




According to the reports of T.R. Ministry of Health, the healing waters of Merada Thermal Resort & Wellness Center can be used as a complementary treatment in the following circumstances;

  • Rheumatic diseases,
  • Chronic waist and joint pain,
  • Soft tissue disease,
  • In the treatment of paralysis,
  • In general stress disorder,
  • Dermatologic disorders

Merada Thermal Resort & Wellness Centre has been designed in accordance with the quality of healthy life style. Experts recommend everybody to benefit from the hot spring cure either they are healthy or chronically ill. Thermal water utilization techniques and its duration should be determined in accordance with the advice of a specialist.